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Prices are in Australian dollars calculated at the time of invoicing.

Non-native English speakers will be charged the line edit rate, except in very rare cases.

    $25.00 per 1000 words — proofread
    $35.00 per 1000 words — copy edit
    $55.00 per 1000 words — line edit
Word counts comprise all material in the submitted document, including but not limited to titles, citations, referencing, footnotes, endnotes, reference lists, headers, footers, bibliographies and biographies. In other words, we bill for a document's total word count, and we read everything.

Changing a document's referencing style incurs the line edit rate.

Indexing is charged per hour. Cost depends on the scope of the index required. Variables include length, complexity (cross-referencing, sub-indexing), and whether an initial list of terms is supplied or we need to read your manuscript to decide terms. Please enquire.

Jobs take 2–4 weeks depending on Rhubarb's workload. Books and PhD theses take a calendar month. This is rarely negotiable.

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