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is experienced in editing a variety of text styles including doctoral and master’s degree dissertations (theses), single and multi author books, articles, conference presentations and proceedings, websites and corporate plans.

Rhubarb’s clients include academics from the University of Sydney, University of Western Sydney, University of London, University of Newcastle, Religion and Society Research Centre, Monash University, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, Australian Catholic University and more. Private and international clients include writers from Israel, India, Kenya, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, United Kingdom and Australia.

Rhubarb is especially experienced in editing English language texts by writers whose first language is not English.

Elena Knox is published by University Press of America, Red Room Company, Vagabond Press and The Alternative Press (UK), and holds a Doctorate from UNSW Australia Art+Design. Her writing has appeared in literary and academic journals in Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA, at the Sydney Opera House and on ABC TV. Elena's poetry films screened at Literaturwerkstatt Berlin's 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 Zebra Poetry Film Festivals.

Sylvia Colegrove holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and a Diploma in Book Editing and Publishing (Distinction) from Macleay College. She won the Steve Johnson Prize in Linguistics at the University of New England. Sylvia is an ESL specialist with a particular interest in the semantic and phonetic analysis of languages.

Michaela Davies holds a PhD in Psychology and a Master of Arts from the University of Sydney. A multi-skilled practicing clinical psychologist and contemporary artist, Michaela is interested in the role of psychological and physical agency in creative processes and performance. Her own creative work has been performed internationally and throughout Australia. Michaela is a NSW Registered Psychologist, Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society, and plays electric bass in numerous projects.

Jodie McNeilly is a researcher and lecturer in theology at the Centre for the Philosophy and Phenomenology of Religion, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne. From 2011–2012 she was Research Fellow at The Phenomenology Research Center, Southern Illinois University. In addition to text editing, Jodie is a regular reviewer of dance for RealTime Arts and Dance NSW, and guest editor for a range of arts publications. She holds a Doctorate from the University of Sydney.

Lindsay Webb studied for his Diploma in Conceptual Design at the Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main. He is a graphic designer specializing in layout, image, branding and visual strategy.

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